Team Aces interview with fox 11 on bounty wars



Bounty wars on discovery

American family bail bonds is proudly to announce that it will be participating in the upcoming show bounty wars as team aces. Will premere july 8 @ 10PM on discovery.


Bounty Wars” season premiere on Sunday, July 8 at 10 PM ET/PT

California-based bounty hunting teams search for bail jumpers and a chance to earn a $10K bonus. Team Aces gets lost in a dangerous apartment complex maze while The Midnight Runners can’t agree on their strategy. Team Santa Barbara is on a roll, but will they win?


Bail bondsmen use social media to find fugitives


LEE COUNTY, Fla. – When tracking down a person who has missed a court date, Melody Celec says it helps to know as much about where they live and work, and who they know.

Celec, the owner of A Way Out Bail Bonds, says that’s why Facebook is a useful tool for the bounty hunting trade.

“We noticed that it was just such a social media, and so many people know so many people,” said Celec.

Her business has had a Facebook profile since 2010, posting mugshots and information on people who have jumped bail and seeing if anyone responds.

“People would actually call us and say, ‘Hey, is there a reward for this guy? I’ve seen him over in the Cape,’” Celec says.

She and others in the business say Facebook is not just a good place to get tips.

As more people use it to log in anywhere they go, agencies can use it to track someone’s whereabouts.

At Sophia’s bail bonds, using social media is not a common practice, but agent Johanna Tortosa says late last year, the company used it to locate a defendant.

The man updated his profile as he moved around and revealed it each time he posted.

“We realized that we get results, so we hope to use this more in the future,” says Tortosa.

When all else fails though, Celec says the internet can help reach out to the suspect.

“We had one gentleman last year who said, ‘I see that I’m up on your Facebook, I’m ready to turn myself in. I’m tired of running,’” says Celec.


Why You Shouldn’t Avoid Your Bail Agent

We had a client who “bailed out” (pun intended), deciding they did not want to pay the balance of their premium.  Our phone calls were not answered or returned.  However, this client was a repeat offender and ended up going to court for another matter.

Coincidentally, we happened to be there at the same time.  Low and behold, out came that checkbook as soon as we were spotted.  Of course, we asked if the checks were good. Their response was, “I have a job,”  with rolled eyes.  Little did they know that they were being served as the check was written. You should have seen their eyes stop rolling at this point.

We immediately went to the bank to discover the account was closed.  Poor thing, not only do they have all these matters to deal with, but now they are facing another quickly approaching court date and a Grand Theft charge added to their long list of “OOPSes!”


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