Why You Shouldn’t Avoid Your Bail Agent

We had a client who “bailed out” (pun intended), deciding they did not want to pay the balance of their premium.  Our phone calls were not answered or returned.  However, this client was a repeat offender and ended up going to court for another matter.

Coincidentally, we happened to be there at the same time.  Low and behold, out came that checkbook as soon as we were spotted.  Of course, we asked if the checks were good. Their response was, “I have a job,”  with rolled eyes.  Little did they know that they were being served as the check was written. You should have seen their eyes stop rolling at this point.

We immediately went to the bank to discover the account was closed.  Poor thing, not only do they have all these matters to deal with, but now they are facing another quickly approaching court date and a Grand Theft charge added to their long list of “OOPSes!”


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  1. Ramirez says:

    It’s too bad that people take advantage of services like yours (and others). Instead of thanking you for helping them out when no one else can, really, they run. I see it this way, establish a relationship with those who have helped because you never know when you’ll need them again!! I’m sure American Family Bail Bonds would have worked with this individual had he come forward and been honest about his financial situation….I know you guys helped my sister last month by bailing her out and understanding her situation. This guy is just plain DUMB!

  2. Going through the bail process can be an emotional journey. Contacting a Bail Bond Agent could be the path for you. The agents I have worked with are energetic, tenacious and compassionate to my emotional situation. Having the help of someone who understand our legal system can help you focus on your loved ones.

  3. Sung Thayn says:

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